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April 8, 2014

Kali Davies-Anderson: It’s one of those days — and sometimes that’s OK

NEW CASTLE — Today, I am distracted.

I had a long weekend. I am kind of in a bad mood. My daughter is playing with a toy with multiple musical buttons and keeps interrupting the playing song to start it over again.

My laundry is piled up. I haven’t showered yet and the hard boiled eggs I ate for breakfast were not as filling as I’d have hoped.

Today is one of “those days” that I will spend perseverating over what I failed to do yesterday or the day before, which leads to a lack of productivity for today.

I will cringe at the basket of clothes next to my bed, the dishwasher that needs emptied and the floors that need mopped.

Some days these things don’t bother me, but today they are.

So, as I sat down to write this blog, I found myself too distracted to find a topic.

And there you have it, I am writing about being too distracted to write.  

My daily chores and responsibilities have inhibited my creative thinking today, and what I am left with is a genuinely mundane notion to expand upon. 

We all experience days during which we are so focused on the task(s) at hand that it becomes difficult to think about anything else.

On days like these we are not a good shoulder to cry on, possess little to no sense of humor, are more short fused with our children and find our pets unwittingly annoying.

We can’t seem to do anything right, and then proceed with the ultimate pity party.

Our high standards for life have dwindled and we simply just aim to make it through the day.

I am still deciphering whether or not this kind of aloof focus is actually bad for me, but as the mother of two young children it kind of just happens.

Some mornings I spring out of bed (OK, maybe not “spring” but it takes me less than five minutes to move my legs to the floor) shower, make my coffee, bathe, dress and feed the kids, write my blog and eat breakfast all before 8 a.m.

On these kinds of mornings I feel great, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Yet, sometimes by mid-afternoon I am feeling just as defeated as I am on a day like today.

I suppose the lesson here is that we don’t have complete control over everything in life.

Sometimes we don’t fold the laundry that has been sitting next to the bed for four days.

Sometimes little tufts of cat hair roll across our dining room floor because we haven’t swept or dusted in almost a week.

Sometimes our kids eat Reese’s cups and jelly beans for lunch (there must be some protein and fruit in there, right?).

We can’t always control when our children go to bed, or wake up or how we feel or how many times our cat decides to go outside of the litter box in the basement.

It’s OK to have bad days, and feel distracted. In fact it is not only OK, it is part of life.

Sometimes I see people who are so high functioning all of the time. Part of me wants to shake their hand and congratulate them on beating the system and the other (bigger) part of me wants to karate chop them in the throat.

In the end kids are messy, cats are messy, birthday parties and family outings are messy. In the end, life itself is pretty messy.

Instead of trying to constantly “fix” it, maybe we should go with the flow more often, allowing things to not be perfect.

As I type this I am noticing that there is a lone cobweb hanging from the brass chandelier in my dining room.

And you know what? I think I’ll leave it there.

Well, at least for an hour or two.


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