New Castle News

December 17, 2013

Kali Davies-Anderson: What’s on my Christmas wish list? Here you go!

Kali Davies-Anderson
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I know I have been doing a lot of “list” blogs lately. Please excuse this, as my thoughts have been very fragmented in these very busy and hectic times. However, today I offer up another “list.”

This is my Christmas wish list.

Some may call it wishful thinking. I call it being a dreamer:

1)That I’d never come across a sock without a mate, ever again.

2) An unlimited supply of dark chocolate truffles.

3) To sleep through the night for seven consecutive days.

4) To use the restroom without the presence of a toddler turning the lights off and flushing the toilet.

5) A caffeine IV drip.

6) All of the dishes in the house making their way to the dishwasher without a pit-stop on the counter, on the fireplace or in the sink.

7) For Santa Claus to be real.

8) That all of my mail would contain cash money.

9) For hair that likes me every day.

10) To take a shower without having to turn the water off to listen for crying, police sirens or smoke alarms.

11)     Christmas lights that don’t burn out.

12)     For “Dora the Explorer” not to make me cringe.

13)    That gourmet cupcakes would appear before me every time I thought about them.

14)    To read an entire book in one day without interruption.

15)     For a bowl with washed and dried food on it to never enter my cupboards, ever again.

16) For cats to be afraid of Christmas trees.

17)    That wearing pajama pants with sheep on them were acceptable for public viewing.

18)    That dust and cat hair did not exist.

19)     That Oprah wanted me to work for her.

20) That the months of January, February and March contained one day each (sorry winter birthday people).

21) That the “Christmas Donkey” song were never written.

22) That I could regularly see and speak to all of my friends.

23) For the means to help people in some ways that I cannot.

24)     For a year of health and happiness for all.

25) For kindness to be both seen and acted out by every person on this earth, every day.

I would genuinely love for everything on my list to come my way, but it’s highly unlikely. So, I will hope for a holiday season that is blessed with good friends, family, good food and joy.

And if I wake up on Christmas Day with dishes in my sink, flat hair, no money and one sock on, I hope that I can still be content enough to enjoy the wonderful miracle that is Christmas Day.