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April 24, 2013

Sarah Stright-Hartley: I’ve learned what to wear from ‘What Not to Wear’

NEW CASTLE — Contrary to popular belief, you CAN actually learn things from watching TV.

“What Not to Wear” has been one of my favorite shows for years and Stacy and Clinton have taught me a lot. Now that the show is ending, I'm wondering who exactly I'll learn from next.

But in the meantime, here are 10 tips I've learned by watching the show. I hope you can apply them to your everyday life.

1. Dark wash denim is your friend — No matter your favorite style, if it's dark wash it is FAR more flattering than a light wash. Not to mention you can easily dress up or dress down dark wash denim.

2.  Belt it up! — Belts are not just for holding up your pants (and if you need that much help holding them up, they're the wrong size!).  Wrapping a belt around your waist accentuates the smallest part of a woman. Whether you're trying to create an hourglass shape or just trying to reign in a ton of fabric, belts are the way to go.

3. You look sexier when you're showing LESS skin — Pick your favorite feature and show it (if it's legal!) but make sure everything else is covered. If you love your shoulders, wear a tank or a strapless top, but be sure you're covering up the rest of your body. If you love your chest, a little cleavage never hurt anyone, but make sure you're doing it in a tasteful way, and make sure your girls are up high and proud.

4. If something doesn't fit, tailor it!  — Make sure you're buying an item to fit your biggest area. Everything else can be tailored down to fit you perfectly. And then it looks like you have a wardrobe made specifically for you, and what isn't to love about that?!

5. Trends aren't important — You don't need to follow every trend. Stick with a style that makes you feel good because confidence is the best accessory. Make sure you're updating the style so that you don't get stuck in the past, but it isn't necessary to scour magazines each month for what to wear now.

6. Don't wear overly baggy clothes to "hide" — Wearing baggy clothing only makes you look bigger. Wearing clothes that are tailored to you and accentuate your best features, no matter your size, will always make you look slimmer.

7.Seams can be your best friend — A well-placed seam can draw the eye to a flattering part of your body. If you're looking to visually slim yourself, wear clothing with a seam under your bust at the smallest part of your waist and let the rest float away from you. (See also No. 2, belts.)

8. Color is OK — You can wear a shock of color, but balance it out with a neutral. Neutrals ground your outfit and let your "feature piece" stand out.

9. No matchy matchy — Not everything has to match. In fact, matching every piece of your outfit just looks dated.

10. Spend more on pieces you'll have forever — Finding pieces that you'll keep around for years to come are priceless. I'm not one for spending a ton on clothing but if I find a sweater or great jacket that I know I'll be able to work into my wardrobe for years, I'm willing to shell out a bit more than I am on something that is "trendy."


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All About You ...
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