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November 7, 2012

Sarah Stright on Fashion: Some things to consider for soon-to-be brides — like me



  • The sizes and shapes of your girls.
  • The budget of each.
  • If you are choosing an "uglier" dress to make yourself look better, you'll just end up looking like you don't have great taste. You're the BRIDE — the love glow that you'll radiate that day will automatically make you the most beautiful girl in the room. AND, if you're surrounding yourself with amazing ladies, they won't WANT to outshine you, they want that day to be YOUR day.
  • Think of looking back on your pictures in 20 years — will the dresses you choose be classic enough to last all those years, or will you be left wondering, “What was I thinking?”
  • Think of your colors. Will the pink and purple combination you chose still hold up all those years later?

At the end of the day, it's your decision what your girls will wear — but don't you want them to feel as beautiful as you will that day?

(Look to the right for some examples of "matching, mismatched" styles.)

(What did you do for your wedding? If you're a future bride, do you have ideas for what you want to do for the bridesmaid dresses? If you have any fashion questions, please email me at

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All About You ...
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