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November 6, 2012

Decision 2012: Does it matter if you vote today? You bet it does

NEW CASTLE — This is the most important election America will ever face.

Inevitably, this is the sort of comment heard around every election. We can’t say that today’s voting is the most significant ever, but it is crucial. All elections are important.

Not only does voting determine who will hold assorted public offices for the next several years, it also serves as an important gauge of public opinion. While polling organizations constantly survey Americans about their views on issues, elections are the ones that count. They register not only opinion, but also intensity of views based on who is determined enough to get out and vote.

Of course, it’s the people who show up at the polls who decide elections. Sadly, most Americans won’t bother, effectively squandering their most important tool for making a difference.

That’s why you have to vote today. In a sense, you will be casting a ballot not only for yourself, but also for people who stay home.

It’s easy to make excuses not to vote — too busy, too disgusted with the choices, too tired of all the negative advertising. But consider this: There are people and organizations out there who don’t want you to vote. They hope you give up, so their efforts at the polls count for more.

The most consequential act of citizenship is voting. Showing up at the polls reminds politicians that you exist and that you must be taken into consideration. People who don’t vote are much easier to dismiss.

So we urge you to exercise your right to vote. Polls remain open today until 8 p.m. That’s plenty of time and opportunity to make your voice heard.

As part of the election process, the New Castle News has offered endorsements in various races to help highlight the contests. We view this as an extension of our responsibility for addressing issues of public importance.

Locally, we are endorsing Democrats Chris Sainato and Jaret Gibbons in the races for state representative in the 9th and 10th districts respectively. And for state Senate in the 47th District, we recommend Republican Elder Vogel.

For Congress, our endorsements go to Republican Mike Kelly in the 3rd District and to Republican Keith Rothfus in the 12th District.

And in statewide contests on the ballot, we are endorsing Democrat Robert Casey for U.S. Senate and Democrat Kathleen Kane for Pennsylvania attorney general.

It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with these endorsements. We don’t expect readers to simply parrot our recommendations. What does matter is that you show up at the polls today and exercise your right to make a choice.

Please vote today. It is important.

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